Polyurethane soft foam

At PANA, we process open-cell polyurethane soft foams which are ester- and ether-based. They are suitable for many areas of applications including dust seal, thermal insulation, damping, shock absorbance, vibration isolation, padding, as well as transport protection.

Moreover, we offer PUR foams with the following features:

  • Flame-resistant foams (FMVSS302, UL94, DIN4102, EN 13501-1)
  • Low-emission and low-odor foams (VDA 270, VDA 276, VDA 278)
  • Mostly closed cell types for special seal applications
  • Electrically conducive and antistatic foams (ESD safe)
  • Filter foam in different porosities for the usage in water- and air filters
  • Convoluted foam for packaging and insulation
  • Composite foam made of recycled PUR foam scrap

We process blocks and roles into stampings, sealing tapes, blanks and much more. Furthermore, we can add one- or two-sided self-adhesive tape to our products.


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