Double sided adhesive tapes

At PANA, we equip our foams with double-sided adhesive tapes upon customer request. Depending on the application, we offer our customers our adhesives for assembly assistance or for permanent mounting.

Doppelseitige Klebebänder

Our portfolio

  • Wide range of different double-sided adhesive tapes

  • Customized production (purely order-based production)

  • Self-adhesive products in all configurations: Rolls, sheets, cut and die-cuts

  • ISO 9001:2015 as well as IATF 16949:2016 certified management system for many years

Double-sided adhesive tapes - Fields of application

Our material combinations of foam and adhesive tape are used in all sectors - whether in the automotive or construction industry, our self-adhesive solutions are used in various industries.


Below you will find an extract from our product portfolio.
If the desired quality or color is not listed, we will be happy to check our sourcing options.

T 22AR Modified polyacrylate, solvent-free Nonwoven Release paper
T 22AP Modified polyacrylate, solvent-free Polyester foil Release paper
T 22S Acrylic dispersion solvent-free Nonwoven Silicone paper
T 22SF BLUE Acrylic dispersion solvent-free Nonwoven PP silicone film
T 27 Rubber Strapless Silicone paper
T 27F modified acrylate Strapless PP foil
T 27S Acrylic dispersion solvent-free Strapless Silicone paper
T 558 modified acrylate Polyester foil Silicone paper
V 19D (Removable without residue) modified acrylate Polyester foil Silicone paper
NITTO 5015E /
modified acrylate Nonwoven Silicone paper incl. NITTO inscription
TESA 4965a+ modified acrylate Polyester foil MOPP film or release paper

We would be happy to send you more information about our double-sided adhesive tapes – just ask us!

All self-adhesive finished materials and adhesive composite parts must be stored in a dry place and can thus be stored for 6 to a maximum of 12 months. Storage should be in dry, well-ventilated rooms, preferably with a constant temperature of approx. + 20°C, and should not exceed 12 months. Please note the technical values in the corresponding data sheets, which degrade over time. When applying a self-adhesive finished material, it is necessary that the entire surface of the object to be covered is completely smooth, clean and dry, free of grease, oils, stains, solvents, etc.

Maximilian Kleim

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Maximilian Kleim

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Frequently asked questions about double-sided adhesive tapes

Double-sided adhesive tapes are adherent from both sides, i.e. one side of the tape is stuck to our foam and the other side is covered with a protective backing. Depending on the design, this consists of siliconised paper or silicone film. In between there is usually a carrier which is applied to both sides.

This type of adhesive consists of two different "strong" adhesive layers. The strong adhesive side is applied to our foam, which makes the composite material stick together particularly well. With the residue-free peelable side you can stick the foam composite to any surface and then peel it off again without leaving any adhesive residue. This type of adhesive is often used for spacers.

Transfer tapes are tapes that do not have an independent adhesive carrier. Our "T 27" types fulfil this requirement.

With the help of our laminating machines, the adhesive tapes, which are wound on rolls, are applied to the full surface of sheet or roll of foam. The self-adhesive foams then go to the next processing step before the customised products are shipped to our customers.