PUR foam

At PANA we process polyurethane flexible foams in both ether and ester varieties. We carry these in our product portfolio as standard with a density of approx. 16 kg/m³ to 75 kg/m³.

Due to their many technical properties, our polyurethane foams are used in a wide variety of industries - including in sealing, thermal and sound insulation, cushioning and packaging use cases.

PUR-Schaum von PANA Foamtec

Due to the coarse porous structure, the foam offers high air permeability, which is why moisture and heat cannot accumulate. The PUR foams stand out especially for their elasticity and dimensional stability. Because of their recovery properties, ether-based polyurethane foams are particularly suitable as buffers or insulation. Ester-based PUR foams show good resistance to soap, oils, lubricants and cleaning agents.

In addition to the above foam types, we also offer our customers recycled PUR foams. These are composed of shredded foam scraps, compressed under pressure and with the aid of binding agents. Despite being recycled, these high-quality composite foams are used in all sectors. These include automotive, construction, packaging, orthopedic and industrial applications.

Vorteile von PUR-Schaum von PANA Foamtec

Our portfolio

  • Wide range of different PUR foams for every application

  • Custom manufacturing (exclusively order-based production)

  • Supplied in various presentations: as (narrow) rolls, sheets, cut parts, die-cuts (also self-adhesive if required)

  • ISO 9001:2015 as well as IATF 16949 certified management system for many years

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Technical characteristics

  • Excellent shock absorbing, damping and insulating properties
  • Partially good sealing properties from a certain compression onwards
  • Tolerance compensating and good recovery properties
  • Great sound absorption
  • Flame resistant foams
  • Low emission and odor
  • Resistance to chemicals and solvents
  • Electrically conductive and antistatic foams (ESD protection)
  • Physiologically safe
Eigenschaften PUR Schaumstoff von PANA Foamtec

Below you will find an extract from our product portfolio.
If the desired quality or color is not listed, we will be happy to check our sourcing options.

Technical product table PUR foam

PHL 16 kg/m³
PEM 18 kg/m³
TF 20 kg/m³
PULF 25 kg/m³
Flame resistant
PANASKIN 25 kg/m³
PUD 30 kg/m³
Block and roll goods
PUD-O 30 kg/m³
Flame resistant
PUD-LF FR 30 kg/m³
Low emission values
PANASEAL30FR 30 kg/m³
Low air permeability

Technical product table Verbundschaum (PUR-Recycling-Schaum):

VB 80 80 kg/m³
VB 120 120 kg/m³
VB 160 160 kg/m³
VB 200 200 kg/m³

Technical product table Noppenschaum:

TF-Noppe 1:3 25 mm
30 mm
40 mm
50 mm
PUD-Noppe 1:3 30 mm
40 mm
50 mm

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Frequently asked questions about PUR foam:

The open-cell polyurethane soft foams, or PUR foams, are based on two different bases - ether and ester.

These foams are very flexible and some have a high resilience. In addition, the open cell structure guarantees, besides excellent sound absorption, high air permeability, as well as liquid absorption.

The difference lies mainly in the production - in the polyols used. These ensure that the PUR foams are given different technical properties.

Ester foam:

  • Ester foam:
  • Good impact absorption
  • Good UV resistance
  • High resistance to oils, greases and solvents

Ether foam:

  • High elasticity
  • Pronounced resilience
  • Good load bearing capacity
  • High resistance to water
  • Comparatively high durability against acids and alkalis

Covered products made of polyurethane are used in a wide variety of areas due to the technical properties of the foam.

Polyurethane foams are not only used as mattresses, but are also used as upholstery material in the furniture and automotive industries. PUR foams also play an important role in the packaging sector because they are shock-absorbent and flexible. They are also successfully used in industry and technology as seals and damping (sound and vibration).

PUR foam can be processed in a wide variety of ways due to its open cell structure. PANA can manufacture all products in 2D format according to your individual specifications.

PUR foam processing examples:

and many more.