Further materials

In addition to our standard types (PUR, PE and cellular rubber), some specialized materials from well-known and reputable manufacturers bolster our product portfolio. On this page you will find an extract of what we offer.

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Foam is omnipresent and can be used in almost any application due to its versatile possibilities.

We stock more than 120 different types of material from all material ranges as standard. If our standard qualities of PUR flexible foams, closed-cell PE foams or cellular rubber do not fulfil your needs, we also offer specialized materials outside our standard range to meet individual customer requirements.

We do not limit ourselves, neither in terms of materials, nor markets, technologies or industries, but let ourselves be inspired and guided by these in order to stay on the ball in constant change.


Our portfolio:

In our material table below you will find an extract of some other materials in our range.

We would be happy to check our options for your application.

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Below you will find an extract from our product portfolio.
If the desired quality or color is not listed, we will be happy to check our sourcing options.

Technical product table special types

Poron® PUR-Schaum 230 – 480 kg/m³ Semi-closed-cell PUR foam, excellent recovery properties, very good sealing properties, very good impact resistance
PUR Elastomer PUR-Schaum > 230 kg/m³ Compressed, thermally compressed PUR special foams based on ether or ester, low-emission, good sealing and damping properties
BASOTECT® Melaminharzschaum 9 kg/m³ Flame retardant, high sound absorption, good thermal insulation properties, low volume weight
PANAFLEX Copolymerschaum 40 kg/m³ EVA - foam with PE content
EVA-K50 EVA-Schaum 50 kg/m³ Pure EVA foam, high tear resistance
PE-E Unvernetz. PE-Schaum 20 – 50 kg/m³ Standard
PE-E / AS Unvernetz. PE-Schaum 20 – 50 kg/m³ Antistatic design
PE-E / R Unvernetz. PE-Schaum 24 kg/m³ PE foam with at least 50% recycled content
SA150 PUR-Schaum 150 kg/³ Impregnated PUR foam, permanently elastic, very good insulating properties, self-adhesive finish also possible.
Nitto® EE 1000 / 1010 Zellkautschuk 95 kg/m³ Semi-closed cell structure, low compression load, very good sealing properties; 1010 already equipped with self-adhesive.
Nitto® 6800 / 6801 Zellkautschuk 120 kg/m³ Closed cell structure, very good sealing properties, very good heat and weather resistance; 6801 already equipped with self-adhesive.

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Frequently asked questions about Further Materials:

Due to our long-standing partnerships with renowned manufacturers of various foams, we will be happy to check the availability of your required material. Please enquire!

Feel free to ask!

With our modern machinery we can process almost all materials.

Whether your required materials can be processed smoothly depends on the material and its properties. This can be assessed quite quickly on the basis of samples or experience with similar types.

Materials beyond our standard portfolio are usually subject to a certain minimum order quantity. If we do not already have these materials in our range and they are only required for specific projects, a minimum order quantity must be taken into account.

Special types can be processed in a wide variety of ways depending on their nature and application.
For example:

and many more.