Mrs. Simone Kopperschmidt became CEO as well. The storage area at the site is being increased. The waterjet cutting division at the site is being enlarged and further forced.


The Reichhold family acquired the whole group. PANA Foamtec GmbH was integrated into the REICHHOLDING GmbH, now consisting of SSA Europe Ges. m. b. H. (technical adhesive tapes) and the BOHR Schleifmittelwerk (special abrasives) as well as the Serbian subsidiary company SSA PANA Foamtec doo.


Mr. Paul Reichhold became single CEO of the group consisting of PANA Foamtec GmbH and SSA PANA doo in Serbia. Plant upgrade work was carried out to take the plants to the next level – the Industry 4.0.


As one of the few foam processing companies, PANA Foamtec GmbH got certified according to the worldwide recognized industry standard ISO TS 16949 (today IATF 16949), which is the highest achievement for suppliers of the automobile industry.


Start of construction of the production building in the Serbian town Backa Topola to supply the east-European market efficiently, as well as to extend the capacity of certain products. The commencement of business was in the course of the year 2014 under the corporate name SSA PANAFOAMTEC doo.


Completion and transfer to the new production building. The production area at the Geretsried site is being extended to over 2,000 m² and the storage areas to more than 4000 m². Rebranding of the PANA Schaumstoff GmbH into PANA Foamtec GmbH as part of the acquisition by Austrian investors (SSA Europe Ges. m. b. H.). The company was sold to the Reichhold family and has operated under the name of PANA Foamtec GmbH since then.

1985 - 2009

In 1985, the foam processing division was separated from a company which had been engaged in the distribution of chemical innovations since 1949. The division was conducted under the name PANA Schaumstoff GmbH at the site in Geretsried. As a pioneer of foam processing in Germany, the foundation for a successful development of a medium-sized company has been laid over the years.


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