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Many industries benefit from our work.

Industrie Panafoamtec

In the industry, the requirements of foam parts can be diverse due to their vast number of application areas. With our wide range of foam products with different technical properties, we can serve many of them effectively.

Among others, our foams are used in the following industries:


  • Seals and buffers from UL certified materials
  • Packaging with electrically conductive or antistatic foam
  • Base materials for RFID tags

Plastic processing

  • Bolstering, reinforcement or protection of plastic components through foam
  • Head and chin protection in helmets


  • Transport protection and carriers from foam, also with removable and residue-free adhesive
  • Appealing inlays for presentation boxes and cases

Machinery and plant engineering

  • Seals from various closed-cell foams, resistant to multiple chemicals
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation from PE and PUR foam, melamine resin foam and cellular rubber
  • Filter foam for water, dust, oil and much more

Food processing and medical technology

  • Food packaging (indirect food contact)
  • Seals and stampings for machines in the food industry
  • Foam plugs in tablet packaging
  • Pads and orthotics for rehabilitation and orthopedics

Solar plant and photovoltaic

  • Seal tapes and pads from cellular rubber and PE foam for the installation of solar panels and photovoltaic systems for flat roofs and open areas

Please send us your enquiry, and we will find the most suitable solution for your application as well.

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