Our materials

At PANA we have a very large range of different soft to medium-hard foams which are kept in stock as standard.

Our product portfolio includes cellular rubber, PE and PUR foams, as well as filter foams. Special types of foam as well as double-sided adhesive tapes are also available.

Suitable for sealing and applications with high mechanical stress due to its closed cell structure. They are particularly resistant to weathering and ageing.

Is also a closed-cell material and has uses in insulation and sealing, among others. They also have good UV and ozone resistance.

Due to its open-cell structure and elastic webs, it is very flexible and can therefore be used for a wide range of applications, including sealing, packaging and dampening.

This foam type is available with different numbers of pores (PPI). Due to the open porous structure, this material is suitable for the filter process in the water and air sector, but oils, alkalis and acids can also be filtered out.

In addition to our standard types, we also process some specialized materials such as NITTO® and BASOTECT®.

If required, we can also equip our foams with a double-sided adhesive tape. Depending on the application, we can offer you a wide variety of solutions.

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