Splitting foam

The majority of our grades are delivered in block form, which can then be split to the desired thickness according to customer specifications.


Our competences

  • Horizontal splitting of foam blocks into sheets

  • Thickness depending on material:
    PE foam / cellular rubber: from 1 mm
    PUR foam: from 2 mm

  • Modern equipment from renowned German manufacturers

Endless Splitting / Rolls

  • Production of rolls (PE foam and cellular rubber) from individual blocks glued together.

  • Thickness from 1 mm possible

  • Custom roll width and length possible

  • Controlled process with continuous automated thickness monitoring

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Frequently asked questions & answers about foam splitting

The decisive factor is the material used. With our cellular rubber and PE foam, we can produce any thickness from 1 mm. For PU foams, we can split from 2 mm upwards.

You will find all our common qualities and thicknesses on our standard price lists. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

The machines can split up to a volume weight of approx. 300 kg/m³. Here, too, the strength and the type of material are decisive.

We process PE and PU foams as well as cellular rubber. Other qualities from the soft foam range on request.

We are capable of meeting the tolerance standard DIN 7715 part 5 class P3.